When Flattr ➼ Then Download

Get money from fans downloading your SoundCloud music.

Connect with SoundCloud

1. Get started

Setup your SoundCloud tracks on Flatdrop and connect them with Flattr.

2. Tell fans

Spread the link on Twitter, Facebook and adjust your 'buy' link on SoundCloud.

3. Get funds

Everytime somebody downloads your track here, you receive a Flattr. Cash them in!

What is this?

Flatdrop lets musicians earn money through payed music downloads. The fans pay for the download via Flattr. The audio file is downloaded from SoundCloud.

I want to download a track, how do I do this?

Go to Flattr and create an account. Add funds to it. Then go to the track you want to download on Flatdrop and connect your Flattr account to it. Now you can flattr and download the track.

It says I can't download because I have no funds. What do I do?

Go to this Flattr page and add funds to your account. Then try again to download the track.

What is Flattr?

It's a great service to give money to culture on the internet. This video explains it well.

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a really good site for sharing music on the internet. The music on Flatdrop is downloaded directly from there.

How do I put my track up for flattering downloads?

You need to have an account on SoundCloud and on Flattr. If you don't have the accounts, create them now. Put your music to SoundCloud. Make the track public but maybe disable the download.

Go to the Flatdrop front page and connect with your SoundCloud account. Enter the URL of your track on SoundCloud (it looks like this: http://www.soundcloud.com/forss/flickermood) and your Flattr username. Save the URL displayed and share it with your friends. Repeat this for as many of your tracks as you want.

Can I make my track "not downloadable" on SoundCloud?

Yes, you can make your track not downloadable on SoundCloud. Since you authenticated when setting up your track on Flatdrop it will still be downloadable here after it was flattered.

Who built this?

This is a hack initiated by Johan Uhle at Music Hack Day Midem in January 2012. Marcus Schaefer helped with the design and Maximilian Schneider helped with the implementation.

What does 'hack' mean?

This was built as an experimental platform to test the concept of paying for download of music by using Flattr. It's not production ready. Please only use this platform for testing purposes. You use it on your own risk.

How do I contact you?

Johan is @freenerd on Twitter.